The New Meadows' Jewelers

Meadows' Jewelers has decided to close it's retail business after 4 decades. We have re-opened at a new location, focusing solely on jewelry repair.
We are now located at 36 South Palafox Place
Please be patient with us as we revamp our website to reflect our new business.

Who Are We?

Meadows' Jewelers was founded by Bob Meadows in 1975. Meadows fell in love with Pensacola while attending the University of West Florida and from that point on, was determined that this is where he wanted to live. After graduating in 1971 and spending three years in the United States Army, Meadows did a one year internship with famed New Orleans Jeweler, Henry Baudin. Meadows' skill develop rapidly and naturally and in the middle of the 1975 recession, he decided to strike out on his own.

"We believe the key to our success is that we do our utmost best to educate both our clients and our staff. Our business philosophy is simple: Do what's right; give it your best; treat others the way you would like to be treated!"

Our niche is customer service! We will not be satisfied until our customers receive exactly what they are looking for and since our employees do not work on commission, you can be assured of courteous service.

What We Do?

While most jewelry stores focus mainly on sales and then start a repair business as a supplement, we have taken a totally opposite approach. Since Meadows' was founded by a "bench jeweler", we have always been intensely focused or repairs and custom designed jewelry. As you can imagine, it was quite difficult for a new store to become an immediate success, so our early focus on doing repairs that others could not, or would not tackle became our niche.

As word got out that we were the ones to see for difficult repairs, other stores began to ask us if we would do their repair work for them. This lead us into a very strong posture in what is called "Trade Work". This catapulted us into being the largest trade shop in Northwest Florida, doing repairs for as many as twenty other stores, ranging from independent jewelers, to Department stores, to national jewelry chain stores.

It is because of this type work that we believe our store has repaired more pieces of jewelry than any store in the long history of Pensacola, Florida, and, that individually, Bob Meadows has repaired more jewelry than any single person since de Luna landed here in the 16 century. Many days during the months of December and January, we will size or do other repairs on more than 100 rings. The reality is, that if you have had repair work done at any shop where there is not a jeweler on the premises, it is quite likely that your repair was done at Meadows' Jewelers.

In 2004, we became one of the first shops in West Florida to purchase a state-of-the-art "Laser Welder", which enables us to do many intricate and difficult repair tasks. Using this laser welder eliminates the use of solders, which contaminate such precious metals as platinum. It also allows us to perform many repairs that could not be completed with the traditional jewelers torch because of the tremendous heat requirements.