Custom Design

Reuse_recycle_restyle.gif Everywhere you look today, 3D technology is starting to radically change the way we live from how everyday
 products are designed and manufactured to how we experience major motion pictures. And now, the innovative new custom design system at Meadows’ Jewelers brings 3D technology to the ancient art of jewelry making. Part futuristic movie, part cool video game, the computer-aided method of making jewelry is becoming the hottest trend in custom jewelry.

Working with the jewelry professionals at Meadows' Jewelers, you first select a starting point design from thousands of options. Then using the 3D design software, you have creative control to customize every detail of the jewelry from stone size, shape, and color to extensive design changes. Once you are satisfied, Meadows’ Jewelers will precision build the jewelry just for you from the computer file. You then receive a totally unique, one-of-a-kind piece, that you helped create.

“This new system represents our ongoing commitment to giving our customers the latest design and technology capabilities available,” Bob Meadows.

This innovative new custom jewelry design system is only available at select jeweler stores across the country. Representing the most advanced and intuitive method for designing jewelry ever developed, the system has already become the hot new trend in custom jewelry. Shopping for jewelry will never be the same again when you can do more than just browse for jewelry, you can help create it at Meadows’ Jewelers. Stop in for a free, no-obligation demonstration.